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What is Clean Technology ?

Clean technology is any tool, invention, or a way of doing things that serves a market need while creating a less negative impact on the environment and resources. Clean technologies include applications, in renewable and efficient energy, waste management, water systems, sustainable agriculture and transportation, and green buildings.

Within the wide spectrum of clean technologies we focus on those that have more positive impact on resources and environment,  have higher job creation per unit capital investment, create more jobs for the unemployed, are more inclusive of communities, have no barrier to women employment, and have high market success potential.

Cleantech Arabia is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance job creation, local economic development, and environmental protection in the Arab World.

Cleantech Arabia designed its mechanisms along cluster development methodologies; it supports clean tech startups and MSEs, the surrounding ecosystem of supporting entities and service providers, as well as markets at large. Cleantech Arabia acts as a catalyst of clean technology markets and clusters.

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Changing the way the economy functions will take the collaboration and efforts of all of us. Because change is not possible without you, we want you to join Cleantech Arabia. And no matter what is your talents and expertise there is a wide range of ways to join us.